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Auction May 30, 2019 at 1:00 pm

The Richland County Land Reutilization Corporation will be holding a public auction at 1:00 pm May 30, 2019 in the Land Bank Office-Lower Level 1, 50 Park Avenue East, Mansfield, Ohio 44902. All bidders must pre-register and must meet all elgibility requirements in order to be elgible to bid. ALL PROPERTY SOLD "AS IS". Bidder will be given a full and complete opportunity to conduct its own investigation as to any matter, fact, or issue that might influence Purchaser's decision to accept the property from Land Bank. Accordingly, Highest Bidder shall accept the property from Land Bank without any representations, guarantees, or warranties whatsoever regarding the property. The property is accepted "as is" and "with all faults" whether visible or hidden.

Richland County Land Bank Reserves the Right to add or remove any property from Auction at any time.

If interested in applying to be an elgible candidate for the public auction, please download application and submit to the Richland County Land Bank  by May 20, 2019.

May 30, 2019 Auction information and application


The Richland County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank) is applying for a Brownfield Cleanup Grant with a threshold of $500,000.00 from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for activities associtated with the remediation of the former Swan Cleaners facility located at 165 Park Avenue West, Mansfield, Ohio.
As part of the application process, the Land Bank is required to obtain public input to their proposal, which is due January 31, 2019. Starting January 16, 2019, copy of the grant proposal, including the draft ABCA will be available for public review on the Land Banks website and in the Land Bank office located 50 Park Avenue East, Mansfield, Ohio, Floor L1.
The Land Bank discussed the draft proposal and considered response comments at a public meeting on January 16, 2019. At this meeting Land Bank discussed alternatives for the cleanup of Swan Cleaners building and gave copies of draft proposal and ABCA report.
The Land Bank will consider and respond to and/or incorporate all substantial written comments provided by January 19, 2019. Written comments shoud be directed by email to or by US mail to Amy Hamrick, Land Bank Manager, 50 Park Avenue East, Mansfield, Ohio 44902.

Cover and Threshold


ABCA Report

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