Land Transfer Policies

  1. Transferee must not own any property that has any un-remediated citation  of violation, or have a history of code violations. The Land Bank will check  with local Codes Enforcement office.

 2.The transferee must not own any real property that is tax delinquent in  Richland County unless on payment plan, and the tranfer is approved by Richland County Treasurer's office.

 3. Transferee must not have had a tax foreclosure case filed with the courts  within the past 10 years.

 4. Property must not have been used by the transferee or a family member of  the transferee as his or her personal residence at any time during the twelve  (12) months preceding the submission of application (except in rental cases or  tax foreclosure cases that have been granted an exception by the Board of  Directors).

 5. Transferee or family member of tranferee must not have been the prior  owner of any property that was transferred to RCLRC as a result of tax  foreclosure proceedings unless RCLRC approves the anticipated disposition  prior to the effective date of completion of such proceedings. An exception  may be granted by the Board of Directors.

 6. A precise narrative description of future use of the property is required.

 7. Transactions structured in a manner that permits RCLRC to enforce recorded  covenants or consitions upon title pertaining to development and use of the  property for a specified period of time. Such restrictions may be enforced  through reliance on subordinate financing held by the RCLRC.

 8. The transferee must agree to pay future property taxes from time of  transfer.

 9. The proposed use must be consistent with current zoning requirements.

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