Q. Is every Richland County Land Bank property available for purchase?

Yes, for the most part. There may be a few exceptions; Richland County Land Bank will sometimes choose to hold onto property that has potential to be redeveloped; either because it is contiguous to other Land Bank owned property or it is in an area where other development is occurring.

Q. How can I purchase a Richland County Land Bank owned property?

Turn in application of interest for the property.  Your application will then need to be processed and approved by the board.  Please allow 90 days for your application to be processed.

Q. Does the Richland County Land Bank sell property on land contract?


Q. How can I purchase the vacant lot next door to my house?

Turn in application of interest for the property. Homeowners with vacant properties adjacent on either side or to the rear of their home have the option to purchase that property based on income.

Q. How does the Richland County Land Bank acquire properties?

Key municipal tools that will be used to acquire properties will be tax foreclosure, gifts, negotiated purchase, and property liens placed by the City/Municipality for board ups, trash, and weed removal. The most common means will be tax foreclosure. If the property qualifies for demolition it will then be placed into the Land Bank. If it does not qualify for demolition, it will placed in the Sheriff’s public auction and if not sold then it will be forfeited to the state.

It will be up to each municipality’s code violation personnel to determine if the structure qualifies for demolition structurally. It may also qualify for demolition if the municipality decides that reclaiming and reutilizing the property for another use would be beneficial for the community. These guidelines will help communities where “flipping” of low valued properties has had economic and social repercussions on their neighborhoods. The program will not use eminent domain as one of its tools.

Q.  When will the abandoned house on my block be demolished?

The criteria the Richland County Land Bank uses in selecting a property for demolition includes:   

Structures that create an immediate danger to neighbors and the community at large;

Structures that are dilapidated and/or obsolete;  

Structures that are located within strategic development areas of the Land Bank and its partners; and

Removing dilapidated structures that are the only blighted structure(s) on the block that will help to stabilize neighborhoods.

Once a property is targeted for demolition, Richland County Land Bank will bid out contracts to prepare the properties for demolition in accordance with federal environmental clean-up standards.  Once through the bidding process, structures will likely be demolished within two months.  There may be a delay in the demolition of structures on the demolition list due to the fact that our list is constantly changing. When emergency demolitions are added to the demolition list we have to change our priority to address those emergency demolitions. Demolitions are selected subject to funding being available. To find out the demolition status of a Land Bank owned structures please contact us.

Q. How does Richland County Land Bank clean and maintain all of its properties?

Richland County Land Bank aims to secure all abandoned structures, clear vacant lots of debris, brush, and trash, and maintain lawns. Richland County Land Bank is currently partnering with the municipalities and local non-profits to maintain all properties inside the county in need of maintenance.

Q. How can a local organization, association or block group clean, garden and/or maintain a Richland County Land Bank owned property?

Richland County Land Bank can enter into an agreement with a neighborhood association or club for cleaning, gardening and maintaining vacant lots that are located within the group’s target area. 

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